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Yoga Pants Are Life

These BELE ROY women’s Capri yoga workout pants are super comfortable. They are made of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. They stretch well and have a draw string to keep them in place. They are great for yoga, cardio, walking, running or even playing softball. I usually wear mine when I run or walk and when I play softball. They are super lightweight so you don’t get hot in them either. There are breathable mesh places through out the pants to keep you cool. 

They have a high waist tummy control band, which I love as I had my son via c-section and need extra support. They also have non-irritating smooth stitching. The fabric is soft and comfortable. They even have a pocket in the back with a zipper. 

These pants are available in sizes: S M L XL XXL XXXL

You can find them here:

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The above item was received for free or at a discount. This is my honest review of the item and has not been coerced in any way.


My daughter loves this mini-s from SOULSOUNDMAGIC. She helps with her little brother a lot and like to be able to listen to music or talk on the phone. The warbud is the perfect shape and size, and fits perfectly. It makes me so much more comfortable that she’s not holding her phone while she’s watching him. 

The package includes:
1 Earbud
1 USB Charger
3 Tips, 1 each S/M/L
A Manual instructions
It comes in a case

To Pair the earbud, press and hold the Multifunctional Button for 5 seconds until you see the LED flash Blue and Red. You will also hear the voice say “Ready to pair”. Then, go to your device settings under Bluetooth, locate "mini-S1" and tap connect.

To charge the earbud, attach it to the USB charger. While charging, a steady red LED should be visible on the earbud. When the light turns blue the earbud is fully charged.

Bluetooth Version: V4.1
Operating Range: 10 meters
Bluetooth Profile: HFP, HSP, AVRCP and A2DP
Battery: 50mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
Charging Time: 1,5 hours
Playing Time: up to 6 hours
Talking Time: 5 - 6 hours
Standby Time: 160 hours

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Cats Can Camp Too!

This outdoor cat tent is 75" L X 60"W X 36"H. It’s easy to set up and take down. It’s big enough for up to two cats plus litter pan, toys and more. You can set it up on your porch, in your yard or even take your cats camping! 

The mesh fabric make it breathable and allows your cat to experience being outside. This is great for indoor cats, especially those that might be declawed. 
It also includes a rain fly to keep your car dry and shaded. You can connect pet tunnels to it as well. 

To get one for your furry friends, scurry over to:


Step 1 
Unpack the cat tent, lay the tent on the ground, keep the head hub stand in the middle. Open each joint and making sure it does not get stuck in the fabric.

Step 2 
Pull the tent on the highest level, and press down the head hub. 

Step 3 
Stake the tent in place by using the included stakes. Attach the rain fly if you need for sun protection or light rain.


Step 1 
Press up the lower part of the head hub, see and the joint will disassemble. 

Step 2 
Fold the tent by pulling and folding each joint in the opposite angle. 

Step 3 

Roll the tent tightly and place in carrying bag. 

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Glass Spice Jars!!

I absolutely love these jars!!

 I’m not a big fan of the store bought plastic jars, and to be honest I prefer shopping for my spices at our local market. Our local market sells spices by the weight, and it gives me the ability to have fresher spices. As well as some spices not normally sold in the regular grocery store. 

I converted all of my spices over to these jars. It is great! They are easy to clean and assemble and look great! The set comes with 14 jars and something like 96 already printed stickers of commonly used spices to choose from, as well as some write on stickers. It also includes a funnel for a mess free way of refilling the jars.

It was super easy for me to put all of my spices in the new jars. I used the funnel to trasfer them and then added the plastic shaker top and then the lid. I used the preprinted black label to apply to the top of the jar. I have my jars sitting right by the stove so that i can easily grab them when I am cooking.

 These jars are a 5 out of 5 for me!

  If you want to get some for your spices check them out here:


Many people believe that we come in contact with negative energy. They believe this energy can be accumulated and collected in places. A tradition, based on Native American beliefs, called smudging, is often used to cleanse away this negative energy.

Smudging is typically done by burning herbs, such as sage. We are often in places that we can not burn sage. It might be difficult in an office setting, or apartment, or even for someone that is asthmatic. Whatever the case, with this spray, you can simply spray it on your clothing, or in the room. 
I’ve been using the spray for a few days now, and I personally notice that I am calmer after I use it. I like to joke that maybe it will help with my teenagers. I can tell you that it smells nice and that I feel better. 
If you would like to try this spray, check it out here:

Make sure to use code 29316KRI for 50% off! 
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Love this dress!

I haven’t gotten a new dress in a while, so I was stoked when I ordered this one. Honestly, I was also a little scared. It’s so hard to order clothes online. I liked that it has a zipper closure, and it’s a heavier material. It’s made of 60% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 5% Spandex. A lot of dresses now days are super thin, and I’m not a small person so, I worry about how dresses will look or cling. This is still a lightweight and comfortable fabric. It is knee length and has 3/4 sleeves with a really cute ruffle. I ordered the size xxl, I’m not really where I want to be size wise, but I think this dress is cute on me. 

   The only thing I don’t like as much is the fact that you have to hand wash it and line dry. I would much rather toss it in the wash, none the less I’m super happy with this dress.
I can wear it anywhere, to Church, to a wedding, on a date with my husband or to a celebration. 

You can find this dress here:

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Big Hippo lumbar Support Pillow

This cushion from Big Hippo is designed to support your lower back. It specifically targets your lumbar vertebrae. It supports your spine so that you can sit in an upright comfortable position. You can also use the cushion for your upper back, middle back or even your neck. 
The ergonomic design fills the gap between your body and chair providing support.
It is made from memory foam. 
You can use the cushion in the car, on the couch, in a desk chair or even at the dinner table. 
My husband has lower back pain and sciatica, this is great for him to use when he is reading at home or at work. He spends all day sitting and a desk and definitely needs something to support his spine. 
You can find it here:

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Also, checkout our friends! @bwpllc @ksowderauthor @santiagocirilo21  

The above item was received for free or at a discount. This is my honest review of the item and has not been coerced in any way.

Cordless Car Vacuum

I have 3 kids and 2 dogs. My car looks like a tornado hit and food, clothes, sports equipment and homework went everywhere. It’s basically a rolling garbage disposal. I dread having to go to the car wash just to vacuum the car. It’s costly and such a hassle to have to get quarters. I have a house and a hose pipe, I’d much rather just clean my car at home with a handheld vacuum. With this rose gold compact Multifunctional Auto Vacuum Cleaner from NUWA, I can do just that. 

All I have to do is charge it up in the house and get to work. If the batter dies down, it is easily rechargeable with the included charger. With the attachments, like the hose extension, soft brush and crevice tool, I can clean every little nook and cranny of my car. When I’m done I simply empty it out into my garbage. The filter can be washed to clean out excess dirt and dust. 
It’s also a powerful, portable pet hair vacuum. I often have to run a vacuum over the couches before guests come over. It’s not just for the car! 

You can find this car vacuum cleaner here:

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RORAIMA Camping Chair

Check out Marissa in this clip below!

RORAIMA Sinature Lightweight Outdoor Camping Chair Ergonomic Design with Comfy and Deep Seat

I give his item 5 out of 5 stars

This chair is a compact and heavy duty, and yet light weight chair. The chair easily folds back into the carrying case that it comes in for great storage. It is great for sporting events, camping, concerts, tailgating, the beach and more.
It is super comfortable and has multiple pockets for storage. You can put a drink in them, a phone, tablet, snack or whatever you need close by. 
The mesh design is great for this super hot and humid weather we have around here too! I like how comfortable the chair is. It is great quality and easy to carry along with you. 

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Kabuki make up brushes from MAANGE

These really cute Shell-shaped Kabuki brushes are from MAANGE. There are three brushes in the set and they can be used for liquid or powder make up. I used the round brush to apply my liquid foundation, I found it much less messy than apply it with my fingers or the brush I had been using. You can also use the flat brush to apply foundation or I would use it for a setting powder. The angled brush is great for blush or bronzer, i typically use bronzer. They are super soft bristled brushes and easy to use and clean. I’m not someone that wears a huge amount of make up, but these are perfect for everyday or even when you want to glam up a bit. 

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The above item was received for free or at a discount. This is my honest review of the item and has not been coerced in any way.