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Dot&Dot - Baby Stroller Attachable Organizer

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About: This item is black, light weight foldable and for storage. You can clip it on to a stroller. You should not place heavy items or hot liquids in this item. It has two cup/bottle holders a middle storage pouch where you can places, toys, snacks, diapers etc..It also has a front zipper pouch and an open pouch, great for stashing money or keys.

Pros: Having two drink holders it perfect! You can put your drink in one and the bottle or sippy in the other. It's foldable, so it is easy to store. The additional pouches are great for taking along snacks, a diaper and wipes for a quick change, storing keys for easy access and many other things. I like that you have all of the added space, so you aren't carrying around a big diaper bag or purse.

Cons: I can't really see any, this product is great!

I received this item for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion.