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Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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I have been wanting wireless headphones to use with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, for awhile now. I'm always getting something caught on my regular earphones, because I like to listen to music while I'm cleaning, or working. I jumped at the chance to try this for free, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

They connected to my phone almost immediately! They are easy to use and stay around my neck very well. The retractible ear buds are fantastic, I can use one or both depending on what I am doing. They also fold for storage! The only thing I would change is, I wish the sound was a little clearer for me. My daughter uses them, however, and has no problem! They can be connected to two devices, but not used at the same time. The music stops when you get a call, and resumes when you hang up! They are pretty cool! Check them out HERE