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Angel Crafts 12" by 8' WHITE Self Adhesive Vinyl Roll

This vinyl from Angel Crafts is great! It comes in a 12' by 8 ' roll. It has an adhesive backing and can be used with circuit, craft machines and more! We skipped the machine process, we decided we wanted to make homemade lip balm for ourselves and friends. What better way to give a gift, then to customize it! We made our lip balm from Shea butter, Honey, Peppermint oil and put it in plastic containers. We then used our self adhesive vinyl to create a custom design or letter, then we cut it to size and we had customized lip balm! We have so many projects we are looking forward too! This product is great for all sorts of crafts! We received this item for free in exchange for our honest opinion. It sticks well, is easy to cut and does not smudge when drawn on with permanent marker! Get it here!