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3rd Person POV Backpack Mount

I love the Pineapple Pack it is the best hiking pack and camera mount. It is slim and lightweight. It fits comfortable with extra padding on the back, especially in the low back area. It makes a perfect pack for hiking, walking around or whatever you love to do. It is also water resistant.

The Pack Features:

*5 Pockets for storage: 4 small pockets and one center larger pocket.
*The center pocket has a separate laptop pouch, I can fit my macbook or tablet.
*Velcro adjustable straps
*Aluminum Alloy GoPro and Smartphone mount (can be used with other Gopro type cameras)
*Mount can be adjusted to different heights.
*Waist and Chest Strap for comfortable, secure wearing
*Front, Side and Bottom straps to attach extra gear

The only issue I have with the bag is attaching the mount. It was a little difficult. Once attached it is secure and works great. Though I dare not detach it.

The bag itself is great quality. There is ample room for items I might nee to carry. I usuallt take snacks, water and a first aid and mini survival kit along. There are additional areas I can clip items including my keys.

I received this item for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions are my own and I was not paid for my review.