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I've got the power!!

I landed in the world of Apple with a gigantic launch from a twice crashed, slow operating windows laptop while in college. I was in the middle of a huge paper that, though I was working on in between classes, I had NOT backed up on my flash drive. You might think after the second time my laptop decided to take a giant leap of data loss/reboot/death leap I might use one. I however, did not.

Fast forward to some Macbook experience, living the high life, quickly moving from task to task and no problems. I entered the world of "everything is NOT perfect" and " I can kill a battery." So, between that and shorting power cords we've had some issues, thankfully not any data loss!

As a macbook household we had to seek assistance with said battery/power issues. This 13 in macbook pro replacement battery came into play. It has a 6000mAh/ 65Wh capacity, with 6-cells; and 10.95V. It comes complete with tools too!! It is exact 1:1 ratio capacity to the Apple OEM battery and comes with a warranty.

I received this NEW laptop battery from Key Power for FREE in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I was not paid for my opinion and all opinions are my own.