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Wrap it up!

I received this Thin Botanicals Body Wrap for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I was excited to try this product from Godsen because I have heard all of the talk about how wraps can help with skin tightening and weightless. Now, I'm obviously not very skinny. I'm a mother of two and certainly have some weight to lose. The first day I tried this product it felt weird and seemed as if it should be bigger. I did however have visible results. I waited two days and applied the product again. Yet still, visible results. However I had some redness on my belly from the patch. I though I had better space out my use. I would be sure to do that if you have sensitive skin.

I spaced each additional date of use out more and more days hoping to avoid any irritation. It seemed to have helped but I could still see where the product had been previously applied for a day or so. My skin does feel as if it has tightened a bit after each use. It is a decent product to try, I feel as if there should be different sizes.

#thinbotanicals #tightening #weightloss #bodywraps easy to use. Tightens skin.

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